Time for a change of pace

IMG_7983Its been almost forever since I’ve updated this. Its one of those forms of social media that you just tend to forget that you’ve signed up for and then move on from. Lets be honest here, a blog is a whole lot more self indulgent, theres a disconnect with your audience. Its like theres nothing immediate about keeping a blog and I quite like that.

I’ve decided that a lot of whats going on around me could do with documenting. A lot of what I see and hear in this part of the world is pretty alien or strange to me in general and it’d be a good to just put it down and I figured a disconnected, self-indulgent blog would be a good place to start. Image quality will vary, sometimes I’ll have a camera and sometimes I’ll have a potato phone camera.

Well, either way. Welcome back. Let the oddness commence.


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