Other Britons

They all seem to have something of an issue with me. Every single one I talk to just seems to have a massive attitude problem. Take this bloke this afternoon; the fire alarm in our building is faulty, always has been and was going off a bit today. The last time this happened a few of us came out of our apartments to see what was going on, my neighbours are predominantly Australian and are generally very friendly, they understood that the alarm sometimes goes off with no reason. In the end it stopped and we all had wine and laughs in Eric and Sophies apartment. A great conclusion. And then there was today.

Same story, but this time some big bald gormless oaf who was so sweaty his shirt had actually changed colour, comes thundering out of his apartment and demands to know if I set it off. I responded no, like any person who hadn’t done what they’d been accused of. The man then scoffed and went downstairs, exiting the building at speed.

Not much point to the story. I just want to pull his fucking head off.



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